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Posted By Elder Dakota Summers on Feb 1, 2018 | 0 comments

Heyo! It’s been a great start to the new transfer, Elder Beckey is a blast. Hickory Flat is anything but flat that’s for sure, we’ve had a great few days biking up and down hills and some were even in pouring rain but what can you do.

I’m loving it here in Hickory Flat though, it reminds me of Jasper a little bit. We have our fair share of trailers as well as upper class houses so there are some moments that keep us on our toes. 

One night at about 7pm we went to follow up with someone that wanted us to come back but unfortunately it was bad timing and they weren’t able to meet that night so we rescheduled.

This left a gap in our plans where we didn’t know what to do so we said a prayer. Neither of us were feeling the neighborhood we were in so we made our way to a street just up the road from us.

This particular street didn’t have to many houses, it was more of country style houses and there were no street lights so it was pitch black and on each side of the road there was trees.

Once we biked into this neighborhood I didn’t have to good of a feeling. Suddenly the leaves on the ground on each side moved up the road with us like a gust of wind but here was no wind outside.

Elder Beckey and I both stopped and had the impression we needed to leave. The rest of the night it was nearly impossible to talk to people, every time we approached someone they left.

We continued to bike around and finally decided nothing was coming from it. We went over to a Wendy’s because it was Frosty Friday and as we were ordering the cashier started to ask us questions.

We ended up inviting her to church and she is going to come this week! We may never know why we had the impression to not knock that neighborhood but we did see that the Lord was leading us to the cashier. 

The whole week has been really great though and I’m excited to meet other people here. I’ve already seen a few reasons why I was to be sent here.

There are a couple members in the ward that were from Arizona, one of which subbed at Corona! I hope everyone has a blessed week! 


Elder Summers

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