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Posted By Elder Dakota Summers on Feb 7, 2018 | 0 comments

It was a pretty long week, we’ve been knocking a lot of doors and not to many people are answering but the few that do we’ve been having some pretty good responses.

On Monday night last week we had dinner with a recent convert then went over to Walmart to store contact. Elder Beckey and I split up in the parking lot to cover more ground.

The first person I saw was a younger gentleman who actually worked for Walmart and was collecting the carts. I sparked a conversation which led to us talking about psychology and how people function, it was a common interest because he wanted to take psychology courses in college.

From there we talked about the gospel and he was actually wanting to find a church to attend. We went into to various topics of on things we believe because it turns out that “Mormonism” was taught in one of his classes so he knew a little history already. I was able to clear up a few miss taught doctrine and gave him a Book of Mormon to read.

Throughout the week we had little miracles such as that where a few people are showing interest.

Something that Elder Beckey and I talked about recently was how close the second coming is. The world is getting crazier and crazier and we are seeing a lot of signs. As we are out here we see a separation of the wheat and tares and the gap between the good and bad is getting bigger.

Life is way to short to waste it not enjoying little moments. 

We had a discussion with someone we followed up with and we talked about all the miracles we’ve seen and how much God has His hand in our lives.

The next day was Fast and Testimony Meeting and it felt like everyone was testifying of God’s plan for us and the love He has.

So over and over it was reiterated this week, no matter how hard life can get, there is always going to be forgiveness and an opportunity to come closer to God.

His plan is based off of love and He wants us to enjoy the chance we have to be here in earth, enjoy the hard moments because that’s what shapes you, enjoy the chances we have to stop and take a breath and to embrace the fact that you’re alive today, you have a purpose.

I hope everyone has a splendid week! I love you, God loves you, and you’re awesome!


Elder Summers

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