Foodtastic Week

Posted By Elder Dakota Summers on Feb 15, 2018 | 0 comments

A lot happened this week, for starters last Monday night a member took us and another set of elders to an all you can eat Wing Buffet. Prior to us arriving the member said the record for most wings eaten by a missionary they took was 80 wings. Naturally as guys we decided to accept the challenge (which is something I don’t recommend).

I ended up consuming 45 wings and I thought I was going to explode. Now fortunately I came in third out of four so I wasn’t last! Elder Beckey ended up winning with 52 wings. So that was a great start to the week!

Then the next biggest things were our Zone conference and a Stake conference which were both amazing. The Saturday before Stake conference was probably the most memorable day of the week though.

We had an investigator that we have been working with contacted us and asked if we can help him buy church clothes because he didn’t want to show up to church in jeans and a sweatshirt anymore. A member picked us up and we helped pick out clothes and get him all fancied up for church.

It warmed my heart to see the desire in his heart to change and the help of the members doing anything they could to help him.  When we finished shopping we went out to lunch and got on a personal level with him and talked about the plan of salvation and why we have the Gospel in our lives. And I think this was a main theme in Stake conference on Sunday as well.

There were a few phrases that were mentioned in Stake Conference that I loved and we will start with this one: “life isn’t fair, but where do I turn for peace?” This one struck me because I’ve had those thoughts. When something in your life goes wrong and you question, why me? why them? Or we say this just “isn’t fair!”

In an ever changing world, when we face those trials, where do we turn for peace? And I loved that, a lot of people bore very powerful testimony of Jesus Christ and the amount of help he has given to them and how we are never truly alone through our trials.

And that’s what we would explain to our investigator, life is hard, sometimes it’s not fair. But it doesn’t mean you can’t overcome things and it doesn’t mean you are alone because we aren’t. We will ALWAYS have the Savior with us who knows what we have gone through and are going through.

That’s the wonderful part about the gospel. It was an wonderful Stake Conference. 

To end the week we had some stuffed squid and baked tentacles along with some crab ragu😜 so I got to check that off the list of things I’ve never tried before.

But other than that it was a pretty great week! We saw some pretty great miracles that I wish I had more time to share but today’s getting cut short because we are going to the temple tomorrow. I hope everyone has a wonderful week! I love you!


Elder Summers

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